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Climate, Security, and Supply Chain Roundup - January 24th

Moving Parts
Climate, Security, and Supply Chain Roundup - January 24th
By Trey • Issue #17 • View online
Hey all,
Missed last week - it was kind of purposeful, in that I didn’t feel like writing up this roundup, and I didn’t have to, so I didn’t! (Not me justifying this to myself!)
In that spirit, I’ve tried to be purposeful with some of the bigger stories over the past few weeks. Enjoy.
The World Economic Forum’s Annual Global Risk Report (2022) is out! I look forward to the publication of this report every year, as it nicely encompasses what executives are thinking about in terms of significant risks to their companies and operations. A lot of criticisms can be made of the WEF and all this, but I do find their GRR to be a good view of the world’s present (and future) risks. Some top line “shareables”:
  • 84% of those surveyed are “concerned” or “worried” about the future of the world. (Can I get what some of the 16% are having?)
  • Five of the the top 10 global risks by severity are environmentally (climate change) related, the other five are a mix of social risks, debt worries, and geopolitical confrontations. (Nice!)
  • It’s pretty telling that the executives (and other individuals) surveyed place climate-related risks in the top 3 for short-, medium-, and long-term time frames.

Here's What I Watched This Week (or Two)
Dmitri Alperovitch
So much of the intractability of current crisis is rooted in denial of reality:
- Ukraine will never join NATO/EU
- Crimea will never return to Ukraine
- Weapons sales to Ukraine will not thwart Russian aggression
- Sanctions will not deter Putin
- NATO will not fight for Ukraine
Supply Chain
Alec Karakatsanis
THREAD. I noticed something fascinating: around the same time in recent days, each major corporate news source began talking about a new crime hysteria: a supposed crisis of theft from the railroad industry. But if you look deeper, something very scary is happening.
And finally, a long piece, but a fun piece: The Cold War Killed Cannabis As We Knew It. Can It Rise Again? Dives into the whole war-on-drugs, the U.S. vs the USSR, and so much more. An absolutely fascinating piece, and I highly recommend it.
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