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Moving Parts - December 5th Roundup

Moving Parts
Moving Parts - December 5th Roundup
By Trey • Issue #12 • View online
I don’t have much to open up this week’s roundup, but I did really enjoy this piece on Treehugger about ‘Brittleness’; essentially, climate change is making a lot of things “brittle”, making things (like supply chains) fall apart - literally and figuratively.
Oh, I guess there was the news of the arrival of the Omicron Covid-19 Variant. The news is still new, and it takes a few weeks for the scientists to figure out exactly how bad things are, but either way, wear your mask, and get vaccinated. To me, the most interesting part (but not the most surprising) of this variant announcement was how quickly rich countries moved to close off travel from Africa, even when evidence suggests that the variant was circulating in Europe long before Africa. Could it be… racism? The after effects of colonialism? No, definitely not. Hat tip to the South African scientists that discovered this, which is largely because they’ve built out great monitoring systems over the years. The main worry by the business community seems to be around more shortages and inflation… time will tell I guess. I’ll probably have more on this next week.
Let’s dive in.

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Supply Chains
Climate Change
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