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Moving Parts - Oct 9, 2021

Moving Parts
Moving Parts - Oct 9, 2021
By Trey • Issue #2 • View online
Hello all you incredible people, here’s your MP Roundup for October 9th, 2021.
Let’s start off with some (one-sided) introductions: my name is Trey (which, I would hope, you already know). I’m a fifth year commerce student at the University of Saskatchewan, where I’m majoring in Supply Chain Management (okay, you caught me, my major is technically Operations Management, but you get the gist).
Throughout my time in my undergrad (thus far), I’ve focused heavily on studying the intersections of global business, society, and supply chains - specifically, I love to think about risks, adaptation, mitigation, and what organizations are doing to prepare for the threats of tomorrow today.
Presently, I’m working on my Honours Project (honours thesis, essentially), where I’m planning to look at how climate change is impacting Saskatchewan companies’ supply chains, and what are the most effective methods for mitigating and adapting those supply chains to new environmental situations.
Nevertheless, my interests typically stay somewhere in the realm of global supply chain management crossed with global (in)security. This makes it easy for me to say that I’m intrigued by ‘cyber’/information security, technology, surveillance, terrorism, human rights, and what I deem to be most important, climate change.

Today's Takeaway
Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Just in case you weren’t aware, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Truthfully, I’m not sure if anyone is aware of that, or what they need to be aware of…
That being said, October’s already been a busy one for the cybersecurity nerds (yours truly, included) - from Facebook going down not once, but twice, pretty much worldwide, to the popular streaming service Twitch being hacked, to the notice that Syniverse, one of the biggest companies when it comes to cellular infrastructure, has been compromised (read: hacked) for the past five or so years.
Takeaway: We could say that it’s a good time to be aware of ‘cybersecurity’. Organizations - small and large - deal with hundreds, if not thousands of attempted breaches of their information per day. Individuals do too - my recommendations, like many others, include using Multifactor Authentication, and a password manager to store random, unique passwords. You’ll thank me later.
The Roundup
Think that global goods and service supply is being disrupted to the max? Think again. Many, many unions are on the edge of, or already are, striking - rightfully so [I’ll probably have to do an explanation on my opinions of labour unions in the future, but for the time being: workers need more (all the?) power].
Brazil’s Beef Industry is waiting on China (who isn’t these days). Brazil is the world’s biggest beef exporter, and they had some issues in September when a few cases of mad-cow disease were found. China makes up about 60% of Brazil’s beef exports - and those shipments are not happening right now. I guess this is kind of a win for the climate?
ICYMI, Brexit (or sorry, if you’re a UK politician, COVID) has ruined the UK’s supply chains, which means, if you’re like me, and waiting on something from the UK, you might be waiting a bit longer.
  • Something I’m watching with regard to the UK’s situation: Natural Gas prices. The UK, Europe, and literally everywhere in the world are concerned about the significantly steep rise in NG (or, fossil gas) prices. While there’s a lot of factors at play in global energy markets, undeniably one of the biggest is - wait for it: Politics. Russia, one of Europe’s biggest oil and (natural/fossil) gas suppliers, is playing politics trying to get Nord Stream 2 (a major Russian-Europe pipeline) approved.
  • Downstream impacts: of course, many consumer products are made in Asia these days, but due to the global nature of our energy markets, prices of inputs will feel the impact of an increased cost for natural gas. So will industrial users. So will residential homeowners/renters. Everyone is impacted. While many will use this kind of situation to call for increased fossil fuel investment, many are calling for the opposite: this is a big reason to reduce our reliance on these non-renewable resources.
The Happy
My happy story this week is finally watching the general public become more aware of the cryptocurrency fraud that is (most likely, not proven in court) Tether, with this excellent Bloomberg cover story, Anyone Seen Tether’s Billions. If you aren’t able to access it, I’d recommend listening to the TrueAnon podcast, Episode 180: Untethered. They cover it all.
I think that’s all I got for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this first edition of Moving Parts, and I look forward to it becoming a part of my (and your) week.
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