Nov 6th Weekly Roundup


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Nov 6th Weekly Roundup
By Trey • Issue #9 • View online
It’s been an incredibly busy (last) week, especially with regard to all the (non?) news coming out of Glasgow - and not my school application there - COP26!
First, some commentary: I’m an optimist - about a lot of things. I believe in humanity’s potential to solve big issues. But like, come on. The fact that our MOST OPTIMISTIC goal for climate change is to stop warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius is kind of frightening - I mean, given that a baby born today in a 1.5 degree world will experience 2.2× the amount of wildfires, 2.6x the amount of river floods, 3.4x the amount of crop failures, 1.4x times the amount of tropical cyclones, 4.6x the amount of droughts, and 23.8x the amount of heatwaves, this seems… bad?
It seems even worse when you consider that many of the living authors on the IPCC reports are absolutely terrified of how climate action is going - only 4% believe 1.5 degrees Celsius is possible, with 60% believing we’re in for 3 degrees of warming (2.5× the amount of wildfires, 3.3x the amount of river floods, 4.8x the amount of crop failures, 1.7x times the amount of tropical cyclones, 6x the amount of droughts, and 44.3x the amount of heatwaves for a newborn).
I’ll return to the optimism though: “Every ton of carbon pollution that doesn’t end up in the atmosphere is one worth fighting for. A world that’s 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit hotter is scary. But fighting for our future, even in the face of overwhelming odds, is better than doing nothing.” (Gizmodo)

Here's What I Watched This Week
Supply Chains
That’s all I got this week, folks! Hope you enjoyed… if that’s even possible with this stuff. Have a good one :)
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