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Weekly Roundup - December 19th

Moving Parts
Weekly Roundup - December 19th
By Trey • Issue #14 • View online
The biggest news of this past week has obviously been recognition of the sheer nature of the uber-transmissible Omicron variant, which is prompting governments to fast track booster shots, and many businesses and event venues to reconsider their plans to open offices or have fans in attendance.
The Omicron variant largely serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of our systems to shocks, as well as our vulnerability to the Covid-19 Pandemic given our (thus far) unwillingness to relax patent waivers and increase vaccine production around the world. Given that new variants will continuously arrive, we should ensure that everyone around the world is afforded the same protections as us in the wealthy world.
Aside from Omicron - I’m traveling a bit around the U.S., and I just don’t think most of us in Canada and elsewhere in the world realize the size of Amazon in the U.S. The airports I transit through have Prime Air planes landing. Last mile deliveries handled by Amazon contractors in Prime Vehicles. Amazon Prime containers on trucks on every highway. Amazon pickup points everywhere. It’s hard to comprehend until you see it - but, just… wow. Obviously Amazon is huge in Canada (and elsewhere) as well, but the amount they’re able to do in the U.S. is just hard to comprehend, even for someone like myself that knows their operations pretty in-depth. If you’re intrigued by their size as much as I am, CNBC put out an interesting video explainer on their shipping operations a few weeks ago.
Lastly, before you move on to this week’s roundup of articles, I released a new blog post this week on my revamped website. The post is on security, and it’s a quick easy read on how I look to define the idea of security in relation to the world and its… issues.

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